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A male that is very treal. No other nigger can compete with him. If you are a true zuba you will tag them on all your stunner glasses.
"Dat nigga be stunnin like Zuba!!!"
by Tyrome6969 March 05, 2008
a. A male or female who is cool or awesome or prime. One who keeps it real and is very smooth while doing so. Also can be used to describe an event, place, person, or idea.

b. A type of beer cozy for bottleneck alcoholic beverages.
a. "Damn, that shit is zuba!" or "Those shorties is always zuba."

b. "Hey, Brah! Toss me a zuba for my Zima!"
by s-Shaun March 22, 2008
When a person is aroused/'turned on'/horny they are described as being zuba. If the feeling is particular intense, it can be described as supa zuba.
"mate, those fit birds over there are making me supa zuba...I'm gonna have to bash one out or smash their back doors in"

"I was supa zuba earlier, then I saw james geagan
by Zuba123 May 01, 2011