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Vulgar word for penis in Haitian Creole (aka Kreyol Ayisyen)
Ti Zozo, Gwo Zozo sa-w vle? (translation -- big cock, lil cock what do you want?
by Bali April 19, 2008
another word for dick used in a dirty way in the creole language
let me get that zozo
by zagya January 10, 2010
The word to awaken the wrath of Zoe
Pat:Hey Zozo!!
ROAR!!! U SHALL FEEL THE WRATH OF ZOE!!! *Special effects: Thunder, the world quakes and all hell breaks loose*
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
a person that runs infront of a bus gets hit and does more damage to the bus then the bus did to them
zoe totaly smashed the new mercedez double decker bus
by zoe November 12, 2004
1. player, usually with TINY manly parts
2. someone who is CONSTANTLY HORNY
3. a person who is full of themselves, and is very stupid
1. God, he thinks he's SO cool, he's such a zozo
by hanneliploo January 08, 2010
A larqe muscle in the boyss lowerr area..

A larqe peniss..

A larqee zick..

Bounce up on it !
Harley likes zozo.

Jennifer is a tramp who loves zozo.

Miranda HATES zozo.
by Zozo Killahhh May 19, 2009
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