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(To Zoze)

A: According to Ricky... to engage in "Study Hall."

B: According to Jason and Jordan, to cuddle in a way in which the couple appears to be sleeping when in fact theyre spooning, groping, and probably even kissing.
One night Ricky walked into the room and saw Ryan and Zoe Zozing it up on his bed. He said "Hi."
by Jason February 13, 2005
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Jason is actually quite off base and I was offended just reading his definition. Jordan, in fact, agrees with Rhykeey (Rih-key) in the defining of the term "zozing." According to both Jordan and Rhykeey, zozing is a synonym for the term study halling.
While waiting to drink with Ryan and Zoe, Rhykeey and Jordan grew increasingly impatient with the zozing occurring in Ryan's room.
by Jordan February 13, 2005

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