To be zorroed is the act of being stabed or sliced, defined after the hero zerro and his trade mark method of dishing out justice
Mark got zorroed like a failed urban hero
by Stickler August 02, 2006
Top Definition
When a man pulls out during sex and ejaculates his initial onto the woman (or mans) stomach, or back.
tool 1: "Man I completely Zorroed that bitch last night"
tool 2: "Dude that's awesome!"
tool 1: "Yeah, it sorta was all dribbly at the end though."
by tooltastic February 20, 2010
To be struck by Zorro!11! You know, have a Z drawn on something that belongs to you. o_o Orsomethinglikethatcough.
Arielle got zorro'ed. :'(
by Arielle! :) May 09, 2004
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