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The act of drawing a large "Z" on someone else's important document. Usually done on homework or tests. You normally do it right in front of them, because a true Zorro is fearless.
Person one- *Taking a test*

Person two- *Turns around and draws a large Z on person one's test*

Person one- dude, what the hell?

Person two- You just got zorro'd.
by JosiahL September 23, 2011
pron: Zo-row-d
1. When mascara runs causing black circles like zorro's mask to form around the eyes.
2. When you have a sudden urge to carve 'Z' into random buildings/trees/people
1. "oh my god i look like zorro!" *faints out of sheer terror*
"baha you've zorro-d!"
2. "Where did this random 'Z' come from? I'm sure I didn't have a 'Z' carved into my arm <i>last</i> night!"
"Oh don't worry about it, someone probably just zorro-d when you weren't looking"
by Aimless Penguin April 05, 2006

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