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1% Motorcycle Club. Founded in Minnesota in 1982.
Members of Zoroastrian Brotherhood. Public supporters of X-Games and extreme sports groups for youths.

International Organization with various chapters worldwide.
Zoroastrian MC Rally, Hells Angels, Z-MC,
by Wordmanee February 24, 2011
Small Motorcycle Club In Midwest. They have been linked to several shootings in Chicago but are more famously known as the club who tricked a Minneapolis police officer Timothy Carson into robbing banks as part of his 'prospecting' initiation. The officer was later convicted of several Armed robberies was sentenced to prison.
biker clubs like zmc or zoroastrian mc
by stasmanman December 12, 2012
1% Bikers in USA. Thugs who hide behind MC lifestyle.
Trying to take over smaller clubs by force.
Zoroastrian Motorcycle Club. and Zoroastrian Brotherhood. Zoroastrian MC
by pissedoffman February 21, 2011

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