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A name invented by a cool user that first debuted on the Final Fantasy X message board on GameFAQs on New Years Eve 2003. Anyone else who uses the name is just a copier and/or imitator. Other forms: Zorlance Cjasnii, Zorlance Omega, Zorlance Unlimited. The trademark sign for it is ~Zø®läñç£~
My name is Zorlance.
by Zorlance March 03, 2007
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Some English guy who makes videos on YouTube.
You guys seen that new video by Zorlance? He's finally completed Sonic 3!
by Worst Pseudonym Ever July 25, 2008
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An ancient animal known for its stupidity and was often born with disease.
The zorlance has diseases.
That kid is such a Zorlance.
Zorlance is the ultimate form of self pwnage.
by wark!1 June 27, 2004
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