An orgy with animals.
Acronym of zoo + orgy.
Sharon brought her dogs last night and we started a hot zorgy.
by The.Andy June 13, 2008
Top Definition
This is a word that is ment to describe a large number a zombies that crowd around you or an opening. It is a combination of "zombie" and "orgy" because lets face it, it does look like they are having an orgy. Most commonly seen in Call Of Duty: World at War on any of the Nazi Zombies levels.
Alex: "Shit. I just died. Heads up, zombies comming your way."
Damian: "Alex you douche! I have a whole zorgy following me!"
Joe: "fail. lawl"
by Spunky3105 July 23, 2009
Having an orgy while falling asleep.
I had a crazy zorgy last night with like 6 other people after we played scrabble.
by Paul and the big blue ox January 20, 2009
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