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A beautiful, smart, funny, nice girl. Usually has a gorgeous body with blond hair. Super outgoing. She is someone who you would love to be around. She's a great friend and is so considerate. She is a Best Perfect friend. Always types her words all the way out in text msgs. Her favorite movie is the notebook. She is a doll. She is a wonderful explosion waiting to happen. You'll never forget her once you meet her. Love her and she"ll love you harder. Hates fake people. Is not compatible with people named Hannah.
Hey do you know Zorana?
Yeah the gorgeous blond Croatian?

Yeah well....shes my best friend!!
by Na-Na!~ April 10, 2010
A beautiful word..meaning dawn in Yugoslavian. Someone who is pretty, tall, smart, and kind. A female who likes to give hugs to people who deserves it. Hates 'assholes', but loves cute, smart, and successful men, who are kind. She is creative, wonderful, and has a sense of humor. She is sexy, fun, and gorgeous. She loves the outdoors, she's loyal, and totally committed. She likes reading novels and magazines. She enjoys hard work. She loves cute animals. She is very spiritual and intuitive. She is a sophisticated woman, who enjoys being treated like a lady.
by Dum and Dummer December 28, 2011
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