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The outfit that rowers wear. A one piece, tight fitting suit, that looks like they are wearing bike shorts and a singlet top. They are tight fitting to allow rowers to move without restriction or catching their clothing on anything. You will often hear rowers comment/complain of a zootie-tan. Can also be refered to as a zoot-suit or a uni.
"Look at that rower's zootie, you can see every muscle bulging!"
by Anbags February 12, 2010
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A joint laced with crack.
pass the zootie
by AC February 02, 2004
Phencyclidine - aka PCP or "Angel Dust". Can be used to refer to other types of drugs, particularly when used as an adjective (eg "I was zooted last night...") but in NYC at least traditionally meant PCP.
"Jones is wigged - been smoking that zootie all day...."
by VerbalGimp December 16, 2007

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