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to feel the effects of rollin a methamphetamine pipe ten to two or two to ten
yo this niggas so zooted he cleaned his whole house(every fuckin square millimeter) with a toothbrush
by neurosurgeonman October 19, 2005
11 80
To be high under the influence of PCP.
I was so zooted I heard the color green.
by tweak²³ February 28, 2004
17 86
Praying to the point your in nother demention "that is also a holy ghost high"
I'm zooted befor the preacher lays hands on me!!!!
by Epoladee February 19, 2004
7 82
Origin: the bay area
c'mon homie, let's go get zooted
by BKLII November 30, 2005
11 87