to feel the effects of rollin a methamphetamine pipe ten to two or two to ten
yo this niggas so zooted he cleaned his whole house(every fuckin square millimeter) with a toothbrush
by neurosurgeonman October 19, 2005
To be high under the influence of PCP.
I was so zooted I heard the color green.
by tweak²³ February 28, 2004
Praying to the point your in nother demention "that is also a holy ghost high"
I'm zooted befor the preacher lays hands on me!!!!
by Epoladee February 19, 2004
Origin: the bay area
c'mon homie, let's go get zooted
by BKLII November 30, 2005
Being extremely high from either smoking too much weed or wax, or being gone off some xanax.
Bro, I just dropped a bar and took a dab, I'm fucking zooooted right now.

Bro I just faced an A blunt and popped a xan and I'm fuckin zooted.
by Jbabes September 18, 2014

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