Fresh: Nice Gear. Hella Fresh
I got these new Js: Im Zooted!
by BreezyBre May 24, 2008
to be fresh as a mother fucka
damn joe you see that nigga over there he zooted as hell
by gettin gwaup April 19, 2008
When you're high off coccaine
After 2 lines, i'm zooted like a mo'fuker.
by Alf May 02, 2003
horny as a mother fucka that you'd f**k anything that moves
I'm zooted i did my mom last night
by David Tingley January 25, 2009
it means she is hype, or very crazy
that girl was zooted at that party yesterday.

that girl is zooted u dont wont her
by chelsy cherelle July 22, 2008
To be so fresh everybody wants to cop your style.To have so much swagga.Like if you went to school and saw a hobo and the hobo said ur not dipped out and then u said you jus mad cuz you aint zooted like me.u jus have all the new gear and kicks
also a song soulja boy made
you:Im so Zooted
Hobo:I aint
You:yOu well duh i have on jordans,Coogi,Rocawear,and Akdmks
by 2MUCHSWAGGADAGGA April 28, 2008
being super fresh,clean,everyday wearing something different
(soulja boy)
super fresh and my swag so official im zooted.
by christian lee May 08, 2008

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