(adj): The state of being extraordinarily hyper, usu. from consuming 2 or more energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Monster.
Guy 1: What's wrong with that guy, he looks like he;s on crack xD
Guy 2: Nah, he's just had a few Red Bulls, the dude's just zooted...
by Anubis Uriel April 24, 2009
High off any drug, preferably, marijuana
Ay, my mans so zooted right now, he don't know where he at!
by Cristobal Martin August 07, 2005
that feeling you get when ur high and ur kind of trippin.
i'm feeling pretty zooted.
by twat March 10, 2005
What Tuquan Watt is all the time. So f'd up all the time that the only words he can say are "mad zooted".

Also, heard on the 3rd floor of Bowditch Hall at Salem State College...way too much!
"I'm mad zooted, nigga! Zooted!"
by Bowditch 3rd Floor January 21, 2008
Cocaine working so favorably, that one often cannot feel is front teeth.
" Ayeo, I can't feel my teeth son"
"word god? you must be zooted kid. wanna hit dis bullet?"
by D'Bend July 30, 2003
1) To be so under the influence of cocaine that one becomes paranoid and forgets where they are.

2) To be so affected by the effects of cocaine that one forgets nights past activites.
1) I'm so zooted. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
2) Dude I got so zooted last night... Where are my pants.
by Rachel Horowitz April 21, 2007
term used to describe you being "clean" or "fresh". Meaning you take care of yourself, always looking your best. Usually used by the african american generation. See soulja boys song: I'm Zooted.
Don: Lets go out tonight to the club.
Mark: True, im so freaking zooted all dem ladies be hittin me up.
by BobMarleyLovers June 18, 2008

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