Zooted is a adverb explaining that someoene is HIGH As Hell!!!
I just got some haze that had mii zooted out of mii mind
by G-R-I-P September 21, 2009
To be excited about something
"bruh i'm hella zooted about this jumper we finna hop in"
by thuglyfeee November 01, 2011
Being Under The Influence Of Drugsz, To Be High Mainly Under Weed.
Ayo0 Im Muthafuccin Zooted Off Thisz Purple Haze Nikka!!
by J-Ea$zy April 29, 2009
being so pumped up on adderall or caffeine or 5 hours that you are so happy and excited to be doing school work....... aka the funnest legal feeling ever.
This coffee is getting me so zooted right now, shit.

Tori give me an adderall, im tryna get zooted today.
by A ZOOTED QUEEN January 30, 2011
In East Tennessee, It means you're fucked off Xanax. All you want to do is chillax.
I just ate 3 Z-boys 30 minutes ago and now I'm zooted out the frame.
by ctnotts June 28, 2009
To become hyper; usually with the ingestion of nitric oxide substances. Refers to the self-induced “pump” or extreme energy that proceeds aggressive weight lifting. Often associated with the noun zoot juice.
Zach wanted to solve his Rubik's cube but he was too zooted to relax.
by ZM McCub'in December 15, 2009
getting fucked up on weed
i am bou to get hella zooted before sadies- deja
by mikey9999 May 27, 2007
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