n.) an Exstasy pill

adj.) the high from Exstasy defined
n.) hey man, let's go get some zoots

adj.) not alot, i just sat around and got zooted
by poppedclean July 12, 2007
to light a bun or weed, cigerette.
smoke a zoot, blad.
by 50 September 19, 2003
To smoke weed. Also called a pull, a drag or a toke
We're gonna go out for a zoot.
by Moose February 03, 2004
Ralphy Zoots...
this brooklyn native is known for his wild partying,spiked hair,originality,intense personality and of course repping his borough.
hi, im ralph zoots

"yo whassup everybody is ya boy from da bk ralph zoots" whOa.
by zoots. January 28, 2005
1.Young male part of the "hip-hop" culture.
2.Urban jungle warrior
Hey look at those zoots stealing your car!
by box March 06, 2005
to elude comprehension.
"That zooted me. I didn't understand it at all."
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005

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