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According to Amanda Gore, speaker, a zoot is a silly term of endearment equivalent to meaning I love you.
luv equals zoot. luv luv equals zoot zoot
by angelpoetheart December 20, 2010
Your local dealer may provide you with these pre-made ? the actual meaning of zoot is not just Spliff, but an extremely high spliff.

A zoot will usually contain a whole 10 bag in (1.6 average in wieght) but not actualy be in a blunt wrap
"We making a zoot ?"
by Dan. M. Watts. August 01, 2008
A canabis joint
consists of weed and tobbaco.
Man A - wos good whos got zoot?

Man B - Yeah blud i got zoot!

Man A - Let me have 2draw.

Man B - Safe
by wotblud September 02, 2007
a hot or sexy girl.
"damn look at that zoot"
by iquit December 17, 2007
A KingSize Roll Up Cigarette (altho The Sizes of Zoots Vary on The Users Mood)With Weed and Tobacco Inside
Including a Rolled Up Card Board Filter in One End
These Filters are Famously Known as Roaches.
Oi Bruv have U Got Sum Roach 4 Dis " Zoot "
by cHoPPa aKa TaYLoR September 04, 2005
all da peeps up im here hu fink zoot is jus a spliff r jus confussed so listen up.
dis came from london, its jus like a spliff with rizla and roach but only weed is used so no tobbaco, or maybe jus a lil bit so it burns beta but not usualy. dis was firstly used by da yadies gangs in london.
1.yo lets brake and strap a zoot real quick ite?
2. i blaze zoot coz der aint no tobbaco in it get me?
3. i blazed a zoot wit ur mum last dat bitch was high
by got_blunt? August 31, 2005
1) another way to say "sike!,".
2) to blow up on someone; to fight someone
1) B.J.- hey guh, u wanna go to prom with me?
Guh- sure! i would love to. what time would u pick me up?
B.J.- neva, ho! ZOOT!

2) he was zootin' on that ass!
by Courtney Carter March 19, 2007