A cannabis cigarette, a joint, a reefer, a spliff, a bifter, a phatty, a spleef, a blunt, a booder.
"Pass the zoot!"
by chewrocket September 10, 2008
The Londoner's choice. A fine blend of punk and chip.
1. 'Just bunned a fat zoot...I'm lean...somebody please feed me.'

2. '3.5 henry...standard, but i'll settle for 3.2!!
What do you mean only 3.0... Fuck it, i need a zoot.'
by Mr Lowca August 10, 2006
A Zoot is a spliff, u know marijuana, herbal
kl bruv, mans gota 'Zoot' G
by Santino .N September 22, 2007
1.a way of showing how happy/excited you are. them more o's in between zoot the happier you are

Bob: Dude schools over, now we get summer vacation~!
David: ZooT~~!
by m1stuhjma November 15, 2006
Zoot - the act of snooting cocane in ones nose, blow snoot snoots white lindsay lohan fine china
Me and by friends went out to the club and instead of dancing, we were in the bathroom most of the night doing zoots.
by Cyph911xx July 30, 2009
Cool, nice, something which is aplomb.
e.g. We're so zoot.
This picture is soo zoot.
by Zabby.monem April 23, 2011
According to Amanda Gore, speaker, a zoot is a silly term of endearment equivalent to meaning I love you.
luv equals zoot. luv luv equals zoot zoot
by angelpoetheart December 20, 2010

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