A combination of 'zoom' + 'swoop', or performing some ambiguous animation sequence within a user interface to switch from one mode to another.
When he clicks on that, zoop in the other interface.
by evildave September 26, 2012
A verb used to describe the feeling you get when someone is embarrassing themselves to the point where it is just embarrassing to even watch. It's a horrible, nerve racking feeling.
John: Did you see Cody screaming at the top of his lungs last class?

James: Of course. Everyone was zooped.
by contagion; February 19, 2010
funny phrase to say when accomplishing a recent goal

i just punched you in the kneecaps
by kolin215 March 27, 2009
n. the combination of sperm with semen

v. to ejaculate (usually on someone)
"I heard you zooped all over your gf yesterday."

"That white stuff on your shirt looks like zoop."
by zoopster9000 January 29, 2009
zoop has no definite/specific meaning. It can mean anything you want it to mean as long as it is in a positive way. You can use "zoop" as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and all those other parts of speech. zoop can be a word that can substitute anything!! have fun with the word!
hey how'd u do on that test? i think i zooped it up, it was so easy!!

hey wats up zoop?

thats the zoopest looking shirt i have evr seen.

hey you're looking pretty zoop today.

that guy was crazy, he just zooped everyone up in basketball!!

that teacher gave us so much homework. definitely not zoop.

zoop it to the limit!

ZOOP!!! (used as like a greeting or something you can yell out whenever you feel like it)
by {\/\/} Arthur & {\/\/} Henry January 26, 2009
A very efficient time filler that sounds better and more professional then "ummm" or "like."
Sally wouldn't stop stuttering and kept saying "zoop" it sounded better the um though...
by Megaroo Smith May 07, 2009
a greeting for online chatting. the correct response is poooz.
dufus: zoop!
dorkus: pooz! you feeling like grabbing a pint?
by drive October 02, 2003
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