To be speedy or efficient by abandoning all pretense of mental competence.
I never got around to cleaning my room, until I became a total zoomtard and hid all my dirty clothes and garbage under my mattress.
by Brass January 30, 2003
A mazda driving idiot that thinks he/she is cool but is actually driving a stock piece of shit with a little bling added.
Stupid zoom tard couldn't do a power slide if he had a rocket up his ass.
by Barmann October 18, 2006
A tard (retard) that usually zooms around in a helter-skelter fashion. Usually the zooming is done in a wheelchair or some other type of assist-type device.
Audience member 1: Dude, did you see Stephen Hawking take out half of those Science geeks at his recent speech?
Audience member 2: Yeah man, he's such a zoom tard.
by Zoomtard September 21, 2006
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