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In order to perform the Zookeeper's caress:
Pack a fat dip (the fatter the better the sensation, ask any caress recipient)
Wheel a broad (hopefully a '92) with the dip in
Visit the southern hemisphere
Use your fat dip lip to diddle her skittle

Zookeeper tips:
-if you pack the dip in your bottom lip you can use it to 69 the 92
-the more grotesque, face deformingly huge the dip you pack is = the manlier you will appear = the classier (and in all likelihood hotter) the broad you will grease
-snus is acceptable; however, since it smells like toothpaste this is like playing on easy mode
-get creative, the entire chaw doesn't have to remain in your mouth through the entirety of the maneuver
aw man last union night Freddy packed a mad dip and performed the zookeeper's caress on some '92 in the girls bathroom
#giraffe #peacock #'92 #chimpanzee #grease fire
by a zookeeper September 27, 2010
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