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When someone brings up a random topic/subject that you haven't heard of in forever, and then a little while later you hear/see that topic/subject again somewhere else.
Matt: Remember that show Wishbone?
Dave: Yea I used to watch that everyday. I haven't seen that show in forever!

*Hours later, channel surfing*

Dave: WTF! Wishbones on tv!? I just got zoodled!

Gilly FB status: Had a good night out with my bestfriends last night!
status comment: Yesterday was a good day -Ice Cube voice-

*Later that day, Gilly starts her car*
Radio: Today I didnt even have to use my A.K. Today was a good day!
Gilly: Fuckin zoodled!
by Taliarzio December 13, 2010
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A type of canned pasta. Or "Jeremy Faubert"
Boy these Zoodles are good.
Hey zoodles, your black!
by nick keel May 23, 2004
To be crazy and/or nuts.
Your ex-girlfriend left you because you didn't respond to her e-mail right away? She's zoodles.
by Man in a Suitcase April 18, 2007
An onomatoepaic word to describe the sound that is made when you suck the last of a drink up through a straw.
To zoodle:

Mother to her child 'stop zoodling - the drink is all gone!'
by Tania K October 06, 2005

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