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A person that can withstand days of partying (large volumes of alcohol, usually accompanied by even larger amounts of cocaine) - usually without sleep or food.

Behavior that shows not only can you excel in the real world, but you can transform into A complete reckless runaway train, heading right for a cliff, with no brakes - and you LOVE it!

One of the select mortals that can achieve perfection, then redefine perfection without trying.
Whenever Francis and Michael get together - Mother better have plenty of beer, tissues, and cocaine, because the zoo animals have got out again.

Polly just wrapped up a meeting on Friday to the board, then transformed into a zooanimal character of Thomas the train - "I think I can put my body through harder training than last time - otherwise, I don't want this body. Sam told her to pump the brakes, he replied with " What the fuck are brakes"
by Zooanimal November 20, 2011

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