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Proper Noun: An independent recording artist in LA California. ZooRiot is often mistaken for a rock band but is in actuality a rock solo-artist. ZooRiot's music is a mix of 60's rock, 70's glam, and 80's pop. ZooRiot is quickly becoming an underground phenomenon in the LA music scene.

Adjective: Due to the local success of the artist ZooRiot and the incrediblly high quality of ZooRiot's music, the word ZooRiot is quickly becoming a locally (in Los Angeles) used adjective used for describing anything that has artistic integrity and credibility and manages to maintain its element of fun.
Proper Noun: I love the new ZooRiot song that is being played on the radio. ZooRiot rocked at the club last night.

Adjective: That movie we saw last week was extremely ZooRiot!!!
by Steve Wilson, LA Music Weekly October 10, 2006
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