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The pronunciation of the word "don't" when irritated or angered through the dialect of a rachet female.
KiKi: Was you texting my bae last night.
Trina: It wasn't even like that, he...
KiKi: Zon't even! Just zon't! I done with you.
by Tiffon Turner December 24, 2014
A slang term for any powdered stimulant or research chemical having extremely powerful effects and high, high, high potencies. Unlike Methamphetamine (commonly known as "The Heat"),' Zonts ' usually refers to a flailingly sniff-able Tweak, that you pack & twack in Your BEAK!!!
"Hey, get a glass Tooter and and a torch? I am thinking of finishing up the last 2 grams of Zonts, and make the entire family OT-RAILS for brunch this Xmas!
by HeatRod! December 22, 2013
brain blank, stupid, idiot
He is a zont
by Raja1 March 31, 2011

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