An unexpected anal penetration.
You should have seen her face when I gave her the zonker.
by Monsterod Von Hugenstein August 17, 2006
Top Definition
brest, tits, cleavege
I've got Zonkers, look at my Zonkers.
by Ramra September 14, 2007
1. Big breasts on a female.
2. To be suddenly amused about somthing.
1. Lakisha has some pretty nice zonkers, I wonder if shes wearing a push-up.
2. Holy Zonkers! did u see Robbie trippin balls at that party?
by Laxplayer99 June 28, 2005
One badass person who you don't really want to mess with because he will fagban you permanently if you piss him off. Trust me, I know k? Thx

Favorite thing he likes to do: Ban newbies, laugh at newbies, ignore newbies, make fun of how stupid newbies are, points and laughs, has an itchy copy/paste ready to ?adduser Tequila F if I mess up like =

But Phoenix has an awesome car, its like O_O and Annaberries is like, Rawr rawr *Flesh*! O_O
Emote <Zonker> Points and laughs at (insert your name here)
by Tequila December 05, 2004
A childs amusment park located near the food court at the great mall of the great planes in olathe kansas.

known to pay their workers less than minimum wage.

formerly known as jeepers.
wow, zonkers has a roller coaster.
by i9incher August 15, 2009
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