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A bong with its tube in the shape of a Z
Thats a phatty zong dude
by matt November 15, 2002
A bong with a pipe that swirls around and goes in fun directions. It is usually in the shape of a Z.
Bro, I think the smoke got lost down somewhere in the zong.
by Zong Bong October 06, 2007
1. A well-turned and pithy construct, usually rooted in irony or sarcasm, which draws attention to an important and/or embarassing flaw in a person, institution or other object, thus belittling and exposing it for what it is in the eyes of all those privy to the zong.

2. An exclamation, stated bluntly and with some exaggeration of vowel sound, to express appreciation of the well-executed zong by one's self or a nearby companion.

1. To bring shame upon someone or something in the presence of others, most commonly their peers or family.

2. To cause the immediate and complete reversal of direction in action, a line of reasoning or self-confidence through either natural or artificial means.
Examples of noun usage:
It might be said that the greatest zong in all of cinema is "No, I am your father."

"So then I told her she ought to ask Santa for a new face for Christmas."

Examples of verb usage:
I zonged the shit out of that kid when I told him to go fuck his front of his mother.

"Man, that burrito I had at 3 a.m. really zonged my lower GI but good."
by Matt Glaser October 31, 2006
Similar to a 'zing' but a zong attacks the person a little more mentally, usually strikes down their self esteem a peg or two.
Woman: "I dont sleep with everone I meet, I am far from a whore"
Man 1: "Please its like throwing a pencil down a mineshaft with you."
Man 2: "Zong"
by David "Infex" Whitehead June 24, 2003
1) Some crazy Chinese kid that pwns at Counter-Strike and pwns an STi

2) Olimar
1) Holy shit, Zong is 30-5 in CS, and he just like flew past me at 140mph!

by Oplem April 01, 2005
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