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Zone 1 is a zone that covers the Westside of Atlanta.

Its full name is Atlanta Patrol Zone 1.

Areas, hoods and roads in Zone 1 include:

- Bankhead
- Bankhead Courts
- The Bluff
- Boone Ave. (Simpson Road)
- Bowen Homes
- Center Hill
- Collier Heights
- Dixie Hill
- Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway (Bankhead Highway)
- Hollywood Road
- Hollywood Courts
- Lincoln Homes
- Monroe Heights
- Perry Homes
- Vine City
- West Lake

A: What zone you from?

B: Westside Zone 1 on deck.

A: Where you stay?

B: Bowen Homes, Bankhead.
by Don TrapStar March 14, 2009

An Atlanta Police Department patrol area that break Atlanta into different regions.
Zone 1: Westside
Zone 2: Northside
Zone 3: Southwest A.K.A. S.W.A.T.S. Da Bricks
Zone 4: Southside
Zone 5: Downtown
Zone 6: Eastside

If you don't believe. Check out
T.I. says hes reps Zone 1 loud and clear... hes from bankhead which is on the westside of atl
by uddizzle January 15, 2009
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