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An utterly exhausted but somehow still upright new mommy. Partially awake at all hours of the day/night, zommies suffer an acute lack of self-awareness. Rarely spotted outside their homes, if and when caught in public, zommies may be recognized by the following three key characteristics: 1) the constant stream of gibberish spewing from their mouths; 2) their disheveled state; and 3) the perfectly adorned, equipped-to-the-wazoo, happy and cooing infant in the stroller they're pushing.
"I bumped into my friend and her baby at the grocery store today. I mean, I literally had to go up to her and bump into her before she recognized me. It was like she didn't even know who I was or where we were!? She was a total zommie!"
by Lil' Miss LIS April 09, 2012

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