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A person who is smart beyond all reason. It can be any type of smarts. You may think you know everything, and maybe you do. But How can you be sure of that?
(1)Omg, that person is so Zomit.

(2) That person thinks he's Zomit.
by A person~ June 14, 2009
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Zomit, short for "Zombie Vomit".

A Death Metal band.
John is a member of the band Zomit.
"Wow, that band Zomit is incredibly brutal."
Susan asks:
"What does Zomit mean anyways?"
Bob replies:
"It means Zombie Vomit".
"Is this a Death Metal band?"
"Yes, and very brutal too. They'll eat your face like a bath salts addict."

by Zomit October 08, 2014

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