When ur head wants u to to get up and do something and ur body tells ur head to go fuck itself!!!

by GAZIR August 13, 2005
Top Definition
When you wake up feeling so crappy, you walk around moaning and dragging your feet. A result of either being hungover or just not being a morning person.
BossmanDick: You're two hours late for work!
Soontobehisboss: Cut me some slack, I woke up zombified
BossmanDick: I'm writing you up!
Soontobehisboss: Jeez Dick, you're such a dick...
by Creeposaurus August 06, 2005
In the state of extreme exhaustion. You are so completely tired that your eyes burn, your head aches, and your mouth hangs open. You are Zombified if you are in such a state.
"Man I am so zombified! I stayed up for three days straight"
"Look at that kid, he is so zombified. It looks like he hasn't gotten sleep for days."
by Alanna McDonald May 15, 2009
1.Is the state of being stimulated in an unconcious state to your actual state of being; being under the influence of psychotropic prescription drugs, music, sex, alcohol, not connected, etc.
2. Being on drugs prescribed or unprescribed
3. Being under the influence of a substance, not sober.
4. Intoxication by any substance.
5. Under ther influence of; music, etc
6. Not cognitive.
I told my girlfriend that most of the time I feel zombified.
by Persaus O'Neal July 10, 2009
Aftershock by a zombie movie.
After watching that zombie movie i was totally zombified.
by Lorddigital January 25, 2009
zombie like in appearance
he looked zombified in his Haloween costume
by David Mulnix October 04, 2004
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