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"Zombies" originated in 2011 when someone who was in their house pretended to fall off a toy motorcycle, die, and come back to life as a zombie, going around to his family members while moaning "Brains" and pretending to eat their heads. Soon the other children,in the house all began pretending to eat their parents. This was just the beginning. They started going to playgrounds to play the game. Although the game started with the Zombies walking slow and moaning the word "brains", it was an unfair advantage to the humans. Therefore, the game transformed into a game where the zombies run and the humans have guns. The guns do not kill the Zombies, only slow them down for a couple of seconds. The game began to spread on June 25, 2011 when the kids went to the playground and started to play Zombies with their siblings. Other children at the playground began to join in. 10 games of Zombies where played that day, and ever since then the game has been spreading.
So, ultimately, how do you play Zombies the Game?
The game begins with around 1-4 Zombies. Everyone else is a human. The zombies chase the humans trying to bite or scratch them (pretend bite and scratch, of course). The humans can use their imaginary guns to slow down the zombies if they are about to bite them, but the guns only slow down the zombies for a second or two. Once a human is bitten or scratched by a zombie they become a zombie and try to get the humans. The last human standing is the winner of the game. Once every person is turned into a Zombie the game is over. There are no bases in this game, zombies are allowed to run and climb, and only humans have guns.
by scorens June 26, 2011
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