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1. The early morning meal you consume after accidentally waking up at 2:30 AM and misreading your alarm clock.

2. Anything eaten while one is mid sleepwalk.
1. Algeria: Hey Djibouti. You hungry?
Djibouti: Nah man. I already ate. Misread my alarm clock at 2:30 AM and thought it was time for class. I'd eaten a Zombie breakfast by the time I realized my mistake.

2. Luxembourg: What happened to all the cereal?
France: Dude, I think it fell victim to your Zombie breakfast. You were sleepwalking all over the place.
by oryaknownot April 09, 2010
A fart that smells of eggs and rotting flesh that is thick enough to chew.
Clear out, I just laid me a Zombie Breakfast!
by Uncle Squid March 13, 2010
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