The day when all stupid and fat people will finally be exterminated.
"I can't wait for a zombie apocalypse because that fat girl at McDonalds pissed me off."

"The first to go are the fatties." -ZombieLand
by Pooploophu June 07, 2014
The lamest form of Apocalypse and the least likely that consists of people wanting to become easy bad asses by confronting waves of really slow and or stupid zombies that are revived humans that want brains/ flesh. I even heard the white house wasted our tax dollars by creating an entirely separate bunker for a zombie apocalypse I really don't get the appeal behind it.The walking dead is not a really a good series either. Nothing happens for 20 minutes in the show and the characters are kind of lame and under developed, the video game is shit too it's not even a video game it's a bunch of quick time events that don't really effect the out come, but I get it, it's zombies. a Virus can't possibly revive corpses or command it's host to go kill other potential hosts. A Alien apocalypse is more bad ass so is a viral virus or even a meteor.
Idiot: I would kill so many zombies man, I have a bunker with an armory, I spent a quarter of my salary for 10 years to create it man.
Jimmy: You dumb ass, what a waste of money a zombie apocalypse is the least likely to happen.
the pervading theme throughout history of ideas, beliefs, practices and policies that refuse to die and are buoyed by their own sense of self-importance, appeal to religion or "tradition" and a desire to return things to "the good old days"
Zombie Apocalypse is happening all around us every day as evidenced by white haired old dinosaurs trying to enforce "decency" laws, restrict "inappropriate" behavior, and carry on the fear of the "7-dirty-words" that can't be said in a public broadcast yet are common speak among adults; old dinosaurs (politicians and mothers) trying to control popular speech and video under the guise of "protecting the children"
by jdirt2019 January 15, 2012
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