When you ejaculate into both of your partners eyes and they walk around your house like a zombie looking for a towel.
I tagged both this ho's peepers with my jizz and she did the zombie all over my crib!
by xxxrayjoe August 21, 2006
The act of jizzing into a girl's eyes after she gives you oral pleasures, causing her to go temporarily blind and walk around with her arms stretched out to navigate in the same fashion as a zombie.
"Dood she was stumbling around after I gave her a zombie, it was like the friggin' night of the living dead"
by Rayn, Bitches August 10, 2006
Pedestrians who are trying to pass the street when a car is coming unaware that the car might hit them. Also they never run when passing the street and the car is like 10 meters from them.
I hit a zombie yesterday while i was going to work.
by Iamveryraged February 26, 2006
A synonym for the number 9. This is because of the old joke why was 6 afraid of 7....because 7 8 9. 7 ate nine and 9 then proceded to turn into the undead, hence the name zombie.
School starts an hour before zombie.
The time is currently zombie o'zombie.
I have zombie fingers because my thumb was bitten off my a muskrat.
by Andyt Osborn March 05, 2005
A girl that you think is "infected" with a STD. If you "touch" her, you become a zombie as well. Can apply to males as well.
I would hit that, but she's a zombie.
by Fergus61 November 07, 2010
A person who J-walks in the night. Usually durring Sundance.
I almost hit one of those fucking zombies, fuckin tourists.
by Peter A. Raquat December 17, 2009
Something that eats you in your sleep, man.
Zombie get away ass-whole!
by Dude40AssWhole January 29, 2009

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