Otherwise known as a "Beer zombie" or a "Crack zombie"

Someone who has done so much crack and drunk so much beer that thay have died,but thar bodys are still running becouse thay are now running on Crack and beer.So thare prity much a zombie...

...I have a "Beer zombie" in my naberhood
Dude,look at that guy,I think hes a beer zombie
by Darka October 31, 2007
1)A mindless individual, we all know them. Usually they're the smart-ass kids who sit in front of you, the dumb-ass kids who sit behind you, or the kids who dont give a shit who sit somewhere inbetween.
The zombie who voted before me voted straight democrat.
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
A person who is a bluff, or faked out on the event that was supposed to take place but either never joined in, or never showed up in the first place.

A person who has very strict parents and is never allowed to do anything with their lives until they become a certain age.
Alicia- I think i'll ask a Alexa to come to my party this weekend.
Greg- Dont bother, her parents wouldnt dare let her... She's such a zombie anyway.
by LexiLove<333 May 05, 2011
A long user of Methamphetemine also known as Meth. Scabs and no teeth resemble a Zombie.
Katy has been smoking meth for 10 years now. Starting to look like a zombie.
by billy's crack lackin December 01, 2009
something that is brainless,will put anything in its mouth,and limps, and if it weren't green it could be easilly mistaken for a peg legged college girl.
college guy:Dude that limpy chick at that party last night was totally all up in my business
college guy 2:wait.. was that the green one?
college guy:yeah
college guy 2:that was a zombie, man..
college guy:whatd you say? the lines breaking up.. oh hey shes at my door see you tomorrow dude *hangs up*
by zombie romancer July 29, 2009
when you dance like you have no sence at all and just go crazy with it
do the zombie with the two step
by candace m. April 18, 2007
When you ejaculate into both of your partners eyes and they walk around your house like a zombie looking for a towel.
I tagged both this ho's peepers with my jizz and she did the zombie all over my crib!
by xxxrayjoe August 21, 2006

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