Slang Term For Marijuana, Used Highly In Australia, and New Zealand.
" Hey dude do you wanna go beat up a Zombie ? "
by Jeremiahstraightballin July 23, 2008
1. A person who lacks originality and just goes with the flow of society.

2. A person who has no mind of his/her owned and is controlled like a robot by the music they listen to or the people around this, henceforth making them the walking dead.

3. Usually dredheads, n00bs, emo kids, gang members, frat kids or any other group of kids who lose their personality or self-image to fit into a sub-culture.
(Various phases of the Zombie Virus that plagues the Southeastern region of the United States) :

*looped chantings (ay ayyy ayyyyy)
*slurred speech (whu hannen shawty/cuh?)
*doing disturbing snapping/dancing/walking rituals often done in large groups or circles (doing the lean wit it rock wit it)
*the "all of a sudden" urge to be a rapper
*spooky (easily made music, using fruity loops) looped music with hi-hats and tons of snapping
*walking in a zombie-like way
*often wearing jewelry in the mouth
*twisting of the dreaded/un-dreaded hair
*obsessions with shooting in the air for no reason
*loss of proper grammar
*lack of reasoning
*high usage of abbreviations (TCB, GYP, GLK, WMG)
*high usage of marijuana
*often making branched cults called, Clicks/Cliques/Mobbs
*lack of self control

This zombie sickness is highly contagious is there is lack of originality
Being yourself

- The Krisis
by D. Phyna October 08, 2007
There occurance of someone drinking so much alcohol they become almost lifeless, acting solely on instinct. The victim may no longer be aware of their own existance. Being "zombied" or "zombification".
How was last night? Dunno I was zombied
by Muloir May 19, 2006
a very stupid person(from a mindless undead creature portrayed in many fantasy and folklore situations)
That guy was such a zombie, it made Homer Simpson look like a genius.
by Light Joker October 07, 2004
When a dude goes down on a chick on her period. Thus looking like a zombie feasting on flesh.
Dude, I just Zombie'd that chick. It was GREAT!
by herp-a-derp November 05, 2010
Some one who has drank an absurd amount of alcohol and is in a semi unconscious state.
Dude did you see craig last night he was such a zombie after that half gal of bernetts.
by Flatteryj March 26, 2010
Slang for a mentally retarded person.
Given for their constant moan/groan, mindless wandering, and blank look on their face.
Dude, did you hear the zombies in the hall?
Don't make fun of the mentally ill!
by Shifty Fingers Troy March 25, 2009

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