There are many different kinds of zombie, but i will just go over the two most common. The voodoo zombie and the common zombie.

A voodoo zombie is not actually a zombie, it is a person with brain damage thought to be dead, and then rising from their graves with no real objective other than surviving. Voodoo zombies are created when a shaman paralyzes them with a strange powder made from jellyfish venom. The victim's heart rate and other life supporting functions are operating at a bare minimum, so they are commonly mistaken for dead. Once they are buried, voodoo zombies sometimes wake up from their little nap time to find themselves in a shallow grave and little to no oxygen. From the lack of oxygen, they lose brain cells and are more mentally disabled than living dead.

The common zombie is created only when infected with a virus called "solanum", which is a 100% lethal virus that operates the brain of human vivtims, but nothing else. Common zombies can transfer their virus to animals, but animals DO NOT reanimate. Ingestion of infected flesh will not infect the one who ate it, it will just kill you. Common zombies operate on only the most basic instinct, to eat. They are completely self-sufficient, and do not require any of the functions humans need to survive. There is no way to deter or distract a zombie, and the only way to kill the persistant bastards is to destroy the brain via headshot or blunt force.
#1: Damn bro, you see that zombie get up outta the grave? I think it wants to eat me!

#2: Naw man, thats just some voodoo zombie, its pretty much just a retard. See that rotting walking corpse that doesnt bleed? That nigga wants to eat you.

#1: Oh...
by Chief Runs-With-Scissors April 17, 2011
When you ejaculate into both of your partners eyes and they walk around your house like a zombie looking for a towel.
I tagged both this ho's peepers with my jizz and she did the zombie all over my crib!
by xxxrayjoe August 21, 2006
The act of jizzing into a girl's eyes after she gives you oral pleasures, causing her to go temporarily blind and walk around with her arms stretched out to navigate in the same fashion as a zombie.
"Dood she was stumbling around after I gave her a zombie, it was like the friggin' night of the living dead"
by Rayn, Bitches August 10, 2006
Pedestrians who are trying to pass the street when a car is coming unaware that the car might hit them. Also they never run when passing the street and the car is like 10 meters from them.
I hit a zombie yesterday while i was going to work.
by Iamveryraged February 26, 2006
A synonym for the number 9. This is because of the old joke why was 6 afraid of 7....because 7 8 9. 7 ate nine and 9 then proceded to turn into the undead, hence the name zombie.
School starts an hour before zombie.
The time is currently zombie o'zombie.
I have zombie fingers because my thumb was bitten off my a muskrat.
by Andyt Osborn March 05, 2005
A girl that you think is "infected" with a STD. If you "touch" her, you become a zombie as well. Can apply to males as well.
I would hit that, but she's a zombie.
by Fergus61 November 07, 2010
A person who J-walks in the night. Usually durring Sundance.
I almost hit one of those fucking zombies, fuckin tourists.
by Peter A. Raquat December 17, 2009
Something that eats you in your sleep, man.
Zombie get away ass-whole!
by Dude40AssWhole January 29, 2009

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