An undead soul, possessed and sent out of the grave to thrive upon the flesh of the living.

After a dead body rots underground for a time, it may come to life, first its eyes will reopen, and fingers will begin twitching. The thumping of the heart may return, unless the heart has been removed. This is the rebirth of a human, the birth of a zombie.

Deteriorating, fallen apart and reaking of the foul stench of death, a zombie will raise from the grave by smashing through the coffin and lifting an arm out of the ground, in the normal zombie style. The zombie will proceed to lift itself out of the soil and moan, usually moaning anything like 'Yaaarghhh...' or 'BRAINS!'

If you fall victim to the zombie's feasting of your flesh and brain, you will become a zombie, forever walking, undead.
I'm a zombie. Why else do you think I am here so often?
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 18, 2003
(do a Zombie)

When an individual is sucking pussy and grabbing boobs at the same time, having the arms extended towards, looking like a zombie
I could do the zombie to you all night long.
by naki_thompson August 04, 2015
in the game half-life, when a head crab takes over a corpse, the resulting alien is generally called a zombie, because of the whole "corpse being reanimated" thing.
be careful, there may be head crabs behind that door, or...SHIT! ZOMBIES!!!
by ninja9 May 28, 2007
Obama voter
A zombie is a braindead social parasite who feed off tax dollars that magically appear from "Obama's stash".
They still vote Democrat even after they die and are not taken off the voter rolls.
by Phantom F4 April 28, 2011
Former humans whom have either succumbed to extreme stupidity or have been bitten by one who has. Highly contagious the most obvious signs of infection are lack of awareness of other drivers when driving on the highway, complete and utter bull falling from their lips on a consistant basis, and most importantly any long term employee who lacks even the smallest clue as to how to perform their job duties.
The zombie manager in operations has completely infected the staff.
by Trillian31 February 20, 2010
An electronic device that has failed and appears unusable, but suddenly works again. At that point, it becomes a zombie.
Christopher's phone died... but now it works and is a zombie.
by mec0821 November 19, 2008
The living dead. A dead and typically rotting person whose carcass has been brought back to life by science, magic, or soul-posession.
Play SEGA's House of the Dead series, and you'll be surprised to find out that zombies can be fast, smart, and deadly.
by AYB March 31, 2003
The man in Florida who got high off of bath salts and devoured a mans face.
Hey, I don't know you.
And I might be crazy.
But I just smoked Bath Salts.
So, now your face looks tasty.;)

Innocent Bystander:

Oh shit.
by linarox123 June 07, 2012

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