An undead soul, possessed and sent out of the grave to thrive upon the flesh of the living.

After a dead body rots underground for a time, it may come to life, first its eyes will reopen, and fingers will begin twitching. The thumping of the heart may return, unless the heart has been removed. This is the rebirth of a human, the birth of a zombie.

Deteriorating, fallen apart and reaking of the foul stench of death, a zombie will raise from the grave by smashing through the coffin and lifting an arm out of the ground, in the normal zombie style. The zombie will proceed to lift itself out of the soil and moan, usually moaning anything like 'Yaaarghhh...' or 'BRAINS!'

If you fall victim to the zombie's feasting of your flesh and brain, you will become a zombie, forever walking, undead.
I'm a zombie. Why else do you think I am here so often?
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 18, 2003
A slow and/or dull girl that only goes after guys with brains. After the guy has been caught, the guy becomes dumber as a result of her lack of intelligence. Its as if the girl had figuratively eaten his brains.
My ex was a zombie. She wanted me for my brains, but then sucked away all my intelligence.
by gadjit October 03, 2010
The sound and feeling in one's stomach after holding in too much gas.
Dude, you can totally hear that guy has a bad case of the Zombie.
by Jojo Gaylord July 28, 2010
A previously banned forum user who creates a new account, usually for the sole purpose of causing trouble and behaving like a troll.
This troll is actually a zombie - they were banned from the forum last week.
by T-Storms April 09, 2008
a corpse brought back to life to wander the earth and feast on the flesh of the living.
"Corpses! Lumbering, rotting cadavers! What contrivance
could have wrought this...this...this abomination?!?!
Diseased science...?? Blasphemous occult rituals? How can
something dead, yet be so alive?!?! And hungry..!
They lust for flesh...Human flesh...and feast upon all the
sweetbreads a man has to offer!!" ~ Maximillian Roivas (Eternal Darkness)
by Dirge February 01, 2005
(zom'be) n.
1. A political creature marked by a propensity for statism and collectivism, incapable of individualism or coherent thought.
2. A conformist to politically popular notions who moves in an undifferentiated herd and obeys orders mindlessly; one who accepts political dogma without consideration or thought.
3. A statist drone who reacts to political opposition with indecipherable howling and gross violence.
4. A political activist under the control of a cult leader or guru.
"The candlelight vigil was full of zombies. They'll protest anything."
by e_m_m September 21, 2008
On internet forums, when a thread that has been inactive for months, sometimes even years, receives a new response and becomes active again. The term can refer to:

1) the resurrected thread itself, and/or
2) the act of posting in a thread and thereby reactivating it.
1) Wow, this thread's from 2003. We got a zombie!
2) I know this is an old thread, but I zombied it because it might be worth a read by some of the newer users.
by DorkmanScott November 19, 2006
Obama voter
A zombie is a braindead social parasite who feed off tax dollars that magically appear from "Obama's stash".
They still vote Democrat even after they die and are not taken off the voter rolls.
by Phantom F4 April 28, 2011

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