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Easter Sunday.

Christ rose from the dead.
Anything that rises from the dead, is the walking un-dead.
Ergo, Christ is a Zombie.

Hence, Zombie Sunday
"What are you doing for Zombie Sunday this year?"

"Avoiding my family, drinking Spaten, and watching George A. Romero movies."
by nephlim April 08, 2007
Easter Sunday. Christ came back from the dead on a Sunday. Zombies come back from the dead. Ergo, Zombie Sunday.
"Hey, what are you doing for Zombie Sunday?"
"My family is dragging me to church, but after that it's a six pack of Spaten and some George Romero movies."
by nephlim January 26, 2008
The celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead, and therefore the celebration of him being a zombie.

Also a celebration for zombie awareness, zombie appreciation, and all other things zombies.

******Let it be noted that while Zombie Sunday is a celebration of and for zombies, all and any zombies should still be killed on site.
John: Happy Zombie Sunday Jack!
Jack: Thanks John! Now help me kill this zombie!

Kara: Since Jesus rose from the dead, does that make him a zombie?
Zombie: Uhhh ahh uhh ohh ahh uhh.
Kara: Of course it does. I am going to kill you now.
by Cmail08 April 04, 2010