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While you are playing Call Of Duty Zombies, you are recieving a sloppy blow job from your partner. Something scares you causing you to jump up. You choke the girl and she throws up on your dick and takes a decent sized chunk
Douglas:Doctor somethings wrong.
Doctor: What is it?
Douglas: There is a decent sized chunk missing from my penis and it constantly smells like vomit.
Doctor: Must've had a rough zombie head
by likemyhairywenis August 15, 2011
When a girl uses too much teeth while giving a blow job. Almost nibbling on it.
Person 1-BryAnna is soooo much better at head than Rachel.
Person 2- I know Rachel makes it feel like she is about to bite it off.
Person 1&2-Zombie Head.
by His7 December 01, 2010

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