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Combination of drunkenness and fatigue which leaves the drinker in a zombie like state.
Into the Ballantine Ale now, zombie drunk and nervous. I recognize this feeling: three or four days of booze, drugs, sun, no sleep and burned out adrenaline reserves-a giddy, quavering sort of high that means the crash is coming. But When?
by Max Dick October 06, 2008
To be intoxicated to the point of using no real words, but just grunts and pointing to tell somebody something. Also involves being intoxicated to the point of not having your eyes completely open.

Tendencies include walking up to a conversation not involved in, listening for a few minutes without input, then walking away.
Dude, Adam was totally zombie drunk last night.

No shit man. He walked up to me and Jason and stood there, listening for to our conversation for like five minutes with his eyes closed. Then he just walked away!
by awkward_646 May 11, 2010
The level of drunkenness when you are so obliterated that your brain stops functioning completely and your physical body does what it wants without thought.
" I was so Zombie Drunk last night, that I think I made out with my manager in the bathroom. "
by drunkenmeatball December 09, 2013
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