A baby cross between zara and dom.
"Hey did you hear Zara and Dom had a kid?"

"No, whats it's name?"

by bekkibushthebabe September 20, 2008
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A popular phrase coined by Mark KG
What way is it to the station young boy?

by Curtis Wilson February 11, 2011
Z.O.M is a acronym for the words "zebras on mars". This is used to describe something completely random it is related to the word zorch which is a combination of Zap and scorch used to describe the complete owning of some one.
Dude if that stuff is real then there must be ZOM
by FRAFF August 20, 2010
Zombie nom.

To 'nom' is to eat something. When a zombie eats something, it becomes 'zom'.

"BRRAAAAIIIINNSSS! Zom-nom-nom-nom"
by ZombieNomer March 03, 2009

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