Awesome in a bottle.
Dirt or Earth. The giver of life.
She is good at sport and the arts. She likes talking to randoms and is only shy around people her age. Interperative dancing and New Zealand accents are one of her strong points
Person 1- i was walking down the street and Zola came up to me and started interperative dancing!!
by agksjgfbalsghadnmsbfauysgtrasd April 12, 2011
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Means 'earth' in Greek. Is truly the salt of the earth. Would do anything for a friend and is known to have crazy awesome hair. Understanding. Though very grounded, has a wild child hidden inside of her ready to come out. Someone who is true best friend material.
example: Whe I grow up, I want to be just like Zola!
by UmbrellaGirl January 09, 2010
Verb: to Zola a chat channel

The act of simultaneously spamming multiple chat channels with a greeting in order to make them blink or ping, usually in the style of a wave such as o/

Then immediately go afk pretending to be on a phone call.

For it to be a true Zola, most of the chat channels should be occupied by the same people.

Seeing the multiple blinking channels, one assumes something important is going down, but its just Zola waving.

Named after the internet spaceship captain Don Zola
I logged into irc, and noticed I had 8 channels open, I totally Zola'ed them all, lighted those puppies up like a Christmas tree.
by Flinx March 04, 2010
The word Zola means hello,or hi a form of greeting

originated from Miamis gang "Zoe pound" taken from "hola" & replaced with a z
What's going on ?

how you been?
" ztraight "
by Zoe pound October 03, 2013
A skivvy !!
Which means a female servant that is a prostitute with greasy hair !!
someone who is very man like and cood possibly be a homosexual
Niamh: omg ur such a zola

charlotte: well fuck you ur the one who's such a fucking zola !!
by Roxy Struan March 14, 2009

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