The art of while getting a blowjob Grab both of the persons hands in a pincer like position wiggle your cock in there mouth so the sound that comes out should be Wobwobwobwobwob....
I was gettin a blowjob last night and i gave her the old zoidberg...
by lovelymissy March 06, 2012
a crab-like person or creature. tell tale signs include crab movement in the hands and hideous disfigurement. eyes tend to look in different directions.
may attack when angry.
WOOP WOOP WOOP chek out zoidberg over there
by WOOP WOOP GO ZOIDY June 21, 2007
To motor boat a females vagina, while using one hand to stick four fingers in her anus while simultaniously punching her in the taint.
"Brads mom was screaming like a banchee when i Zoidberged her last night."
by Joshisthefuckingman May 20, 2008
When you're eating Ramen noodles after blowing on them to cool them off. Once you get tehm half in your mouth you realise that the bottom of the noodles is still far too hot so you leave them dangling from your mouth.
Julian pulled a zoidberg the other night.
by Brian Gaylor February 08, 2006
When a females pussy is so shot out that her pussy lips dangle like the mouth of futureamas Dr. Zoidberg.
Yo homie see that broad over there
I hit that shit last night
Eww mafucka I hope you wore a Jimmy she a zoidberg
by ghostofmyformerself July 19, 2015

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