The rounded bulges of flesh that protrude around a bra or bikini top, typically caused by wearing a garment that is too tight. Inspired by the carapace of Dr. John Zoidberg M.D., as occasionally seen on the television show Futurama.
Look at the zoidbergs on her, she needs to drop a few pounds or get a new bikini.
by Toxin August 11, 2007
a crab-like person or creature. tell tale signs include crab movement in the hands and hideous disfigurement. eyes tend to look in different directions.
may attack when angry.
WOOP WOOP WOOP chek out zoidberg over there
by WOOP WOOP GO ZOIDY June 21, 2007
To shove your hand so far up someone's ass that they can move said hand outside of your mouth like the Futurama character Zoidberg.
Can be used as a noun and verb
Whoop whoop sounds can be used to add insult to injury.
Johnny was sick of Billy's purple nurples so he gave him a zoidberg.
by bigtrouble33 May 16, 2013
This is the term used to describe the action of a person with a split-tongue body modification going down on someone. Often accompanied by the sound "whoopwhoop whoop whoop whoop."
Oh god Zoidberg, your tongue is amazing whoopwhoop whoop whoop whoop!
by Justice_League August 15, 2009
After having sex the male runs around the house naked doing the "Zoidberg" (Scuttling around like a crab clamping your hands going "WHOOP WHOOB WHOOB WHOOB!" at the top of his lungs) as seen in Futurama. All to simulate his dominance of sexual activity. He probably came inside her too...
Guy 1 "Man did you see Daryck Zoidberg last night?"
Guy 2 "Yeah, what a lucky guy to have her after that"
by Kingofthedivide June 06, 2013
1. a character on futurama

2. a vagina whose lips have descended past any reasonable point, thus looking like the lips of one Dr. Zoidberg
'hey, don't date that chick, she has a zoidberg'
by miss sybil March 18, 2012
While you are fucking your partner and about to reach climax, when you are cumming, start shouting "w00p w00p w00p w00p" like Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama.
Last week I gave my brother's girlfriend a Zoidberg and then she started laughing.
by SoberSodomizer January 21, 2012
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