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One of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet in your life; also the meaning of Zohal is Saturn's Star.
Guy1: Hey that girl over their is so cute, whats her name? Guy2: Zohal
Guy1: ^-^
by Urban Dictionary2622 December 05, 2010
Zohal is the name of a beautiful, young intelligent girl. She is selfless and understanding. With just a sparkle of her eyes, she can light up the room and make everyone smile. She is reserved, yet energetic. She can be the funny sarcastic friend and the loving friend that backs you up. Just like her name meaning, Zohal is the name of the girl that is the star to people's hearts.
"Dang what was the name of the cute girl that got the highest grade on the test?"
"Dude, it's Zohal you're talking about"
by Lily Witchey July 06, 2016
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