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An admin at The Best Fanpage in the Universe. Because of the rivalry between members of MaddoxMania and TBFPITU, there are some hostilities toward him from MMers. Usually, this results in insults based on "issues" either entirely or partly fabricated by MMers to try and make him look bad.
Zoghade just banned a bunch of spammers! GREAT!
by anonymous April 07, 2005

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Some gay internet nerd (former active member of the MaddoxMania Forum who is notorious for pursuing relationships online
"You are to this forum as an empty packet of kleenex is to Zoghade when he has a date."
"This board has altogether taken up too much of my time, and I even gave up cyber-sex with Zoghade for it one night."
"you guys can call me Zoghade. brb, meeting my girlfriend in a chatroom"
by OrJasm February 08, 2005