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Zoe Sugg, British YouTuber/Blogger who people know her by her channel name Zoella
-Inspires people to overcome anxiety and self consciousness
-Does Fashion Vlogs and Collabs
-Humble, Pretty, Perf, Etc.
-Can Sing and is a Directioner
-Has social media accounts in which she named ZoZeeBo
Fan #2:YOU KNOW ZOELLA? SHES LIKE MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER! We're secretly bffs she doesn't know it though.

Fan #1: She is basically one of the reasons why I love British people
by JaneDoeJohn May 21, 2014
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A female British youtuber who makes makeup, fashion, and entertainment videos. Her real name is Zoey Sugg.
by TylerOakleyFan February 06, 2014
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, mainly known as Zoella, is a YouTube personality. She is a beauty guru who can sing beautifully, inspires people to overcome anxiety and panic issues, makes fashion and beauty themed videos. She also has a blog in which she posts photography and reviews, etc. She also liked my picture on tumblr, and I screamed.
Fan #1: OMG I totally love Zoella like she is amazing!! Also, I totally ship her with ThatcherJoe!!!
Fan #2: Yas like she is so beautiful!! Is her real name Zoella tho? It's so pretty like I might name my child Zoella.
Real Fan #1: Her name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg.

Real Fan #2: Do you even know her birthday? And who Joe even is?
Fans #1 and #2: She was born in like December and Joe is her boyfriend.
Real Fan #1 and #2: Are you shitting me?
by Corey Richardson October 30, 2014
A girl who is a wannabe white/hannah montana, who calls people "wierdo wierdo" and " I know right"
"hey do u see that?? is that zoella or hannah montana"
"defintion for wierdo: Zoella"
by sarkar raj August 20, 2011

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