Zoe is a beautiful, intelligent, person. She is the center of attention everywhere she goes and can capture your heart without even trying to do so. Zoe is perfection.
Zoe is so smart, I can't believe her amazing intelligence and beauty. She is destined for great things.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 28, 2014
A girl named after a purple hippo, with a blue mohawk and sexual kisses. Who craves meatballs and potatoes on rare occasions.
"did you hear about that zoe girl, the one who eats potatoes on rare occasions?"
"yes ive heard about, she has sexual kisses"
"i know!"
by marrisa smith February 16, 2008
Zoe means "Life" in Greek and that's exactly what she is; life. Zoe is an out-there kind of girl with a sometimes dirty sense of humor, but can make anyone put a smile on their face. Zoe literally is the sight of beauty. Zoe usually has great style, but sometimes looks a bit messy when lazy. Zoes love to just sit around sometimes with a box of pizza, MarioCart, and her boyfriend to do a 1-on-1 and beat his ass. With her naturally wavy brunette hair and mahogany-hazel eyes, Zoe can make any boy melt within seconds. Even though Zoe might be a nerd and not get a boyfriend as fast as the popular girls, any boy would love to be with her because of her great ass, amazing features, and rockin' personality.
Guy 1: Woah who's that?
Guy 2: That's Zoe. She so damn hot. I really like her and want to ask her out.
Guy 1: *looks at Zoe's face, then ass* I can see why.


Girl 1: Zoe's new top is so cute today!
Girl 2: And isn't her hair so amazing?
Girl 1: I am so jealous of Zoe!
by Brunettebeauty September 01, 2014
Zoe; a beautiful girl who doesn't admit to being pretty. A Zoe would have a lot of fun and is always up for a laugh. When you need someone to talk to Zoe will be there. A Zoe isn't the smartest girl in the class but she knows how to have a fun time. If you know a Zoe, you're very lucky.
Friend: *crying*

Zoe: Hey what's wrong?

Friend: my parents are divorcing

Zoe: aw babe cmon let's go talk.
by hazel grace tfios June 01, 2014
Zoe is usually a blonde and is really crazy and weird..etc. She has a amazing fashion sense and can be herself around her friends but is usually shy at first. You can never get on the bad side of her otherwise you would regret it, either tall of small and she loves easily but it takes a lot for her to hate someone. She normally falls for people who are already in relationships and no they wouldn't get a chance. Most of them are 'popular' and have blue eyes. She loves doing anything that makes everyone around her happy! She would do anything for her family and friends. That is what a Zoe is.
Hello I need your help Zoe..
I'm here for you whenever!
Thank you that meant a lot!
by rhefjdnaajwqkladkjewnjsmfd September 08, 2013
A hot piece of ass. Usually blonde and has a smoking body. She is always and amazing girlfriend, and cares more about others than herself. Her friends lover her because she parties and smokes and drinks like a badass. Shes also a good trip sitter. Loves dubstep, nice cars, and is amazing in bed. when you find a zoe you will be completely love her. If you know one, your a lucky mother fucker.
Me: "Yo, I met a zoe at a party last night and she was dope!

You: 'You lucky bastard"
by DopeFiend May 22, 2013
An girl who gives guys boners when she walks by because she is so sexy. She has huge tits, a huge ass, and a beautiful face.

She's not a slut but she is extremely good in bed and gives amazing head.
I just got head from a total Zoe.
by damngood February 16, 2011

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