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Zoe is strong mind blowing person fun size kind and loveing and always endss up having a boyfriend called either joe,luke or kris
SHES JUST GREAT zoeeee is just the best no better than zoe
by Kalie124 May 30, 2012
3 9
She doesn't care about her looks. She can be mean or rude and doesn't apply herself in life. People don't understand her. She often lies and deceives people. At a time she may have received some affection but now she is overlooked and not given excess attention.
Hey look at Zoe, she's so weird!
by zoeprince December 28, 2012
3 13
Tall red head, awesomely smart, and awesomly awesome. Horrible speller. Sweet, nice great friend. Georgous. Amazing. Best person youll ever meet so dont piss her off. Apriciate her while she lasts and dont complain when she leaves you because she is bored. Shes perfect...almost
oh youll know a Zoe when you meet her
by betterthanu1234 October 26, 2011
9 19
An girl who gives guys boners when she walks by because she is so sexy. She has huge tits, a huge ass, and a beautiful face.

She's not a slut but she is extremely good in bed and gives amazing head.
I just got head from a total Zoe.
by damngood February 16, 2011
34 44
Zoe is usually someone who loves to play soccer. She is someone who loves to have a good time and laugh's all the time. Zoe's also tend to be bad at math and annoy the person that sits infront of them. Chicks named Zoe often times are obsessed with guys by the name of Brandon. Zoe is all around a creepy person. :)
That chick is such a Zoe!
by The kid in front of you! May 15, 2012
5 16
A smart and sexy girl. A petite-sized sexual deviant who is willing to do anything to please her man. A lady up front, but a freak in the bed. Sex kitten. Also a renowned sex goddess among young men.
Ohhhh Zoe, yesss!

Oh damn look it's Zoe...
by some urban guy October 29, 2011
8 27
zoe is a wild girl who often sleeeps with multiple men at one time, they are.known to have to.lost their virginity on the spit . she is often used and abused.

zoes are often ugly, rude snobby and ill mannered , they believe they are better then other people and thier for are often beaten up they are also known for throwing bad parties that get shut down by 9pm

the act of masturbating on a shed roof infront of 1000 people.
"man who was that chick that got put on the spit at that party"
"oh that was just zoe"

"lol did u see that rude chuck get beaten up"
"yeah that was zoe , she had it coming"

"omg you totally pulled a zoe at that party"
by you+me=we October 03, 2012
7 37